Jessica Jane Julius
VideoSkitch Manion ladling into the TV TowerJessica Jane Julius cooking Buttermilk Fired ChickenEmma Salamon with a glass sculpted veggie ladleEmma Salamon, Hope Rovelto, in the lazy-boy recliner chairJessica Jane Julius marvering the chicken bubbleErica Rosenfeld cooking steak at the ladle stationHope Rovelto and Walter Zimmerman dripping glass into applesErica Rosenfeld, Emma Salamon, Jessica Jane Julius, working the chicken bubbleLeo Tecosky pouring our Kool-Aidpunch being servedLindsay Gilbert pouring into hot soda bottleSoda explosion Deborah Czeresko torching her science bubbleSara Gilbert with the gold TVsSkitch Manion with the TV bubble Jessica Jane Julius in the glass recliner benchMixed VeggiesTV Towerapple cobbler domeSkitch Manion Ladling into ChandelierMeeting BeforeBBQ set up BBQ set up set up for BBQLadle system practice Sam Geer and Skitch ManionHot Dog MachineSkitch Manion and Spinning Hot Dog machineset upladle station smokeCooking corn in the glass tubeButtering the CornEmma Salamon serving backed beans cooked with glass ladleJessica Jane Julius and Erica Rosenfeld cooking fried chickenGlass RainGlass Rain into Jello TowerEndfood tableErica and the TurkeySam Geer steaming greensthe end with turkey dome cookingThe turkey is cookedWorking on the turkey dome
The Burnt Asphalt Family
Upcoming events..... We are currently planning multiple events for Fall 2010 and Spring 2011 for both New York and Philadelphia. Check back to keep updated.

****** The Burnt Asphalt Family is an artist collective that uses performance, glass, and food to investigate America culture, craft, and relational aesthetics. We aim to deal with the artifacts of artmaking and creating a haptic experience were the creation of the work happens in a moment of interaction with our audience. During each event at least 14 family and friends cook food using hot glass and serve it to the audience while also creating moments of beauty and spectacle, demonstrating various properties and capabilities of glass.

****** Family and Friends******* Jessica Jane Julius, Erica Rosenfeld, Emma Salamon, Hope Rovelo, Deborah Czeresko, Sam Geer, Dena Pengas, Skitch Manion, Maret Sarapu, Sarah Gilbert, Adam Holtzinger, Leo Tecosky*******

"TV Dinner II" at Urban Glass 2009
"TV Dinner" at Corning NY 2009
"Cocktail Party" at Urban Glass 2009
"Holiday Special" at University of Louisville, KY 2008
"Garden BBQ" at Urban Glass 2008
"Turkey Dinner II" at Urban Glass 2008
"Turkey Dinner" at Wheaton Arts 2007